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Writer Stuart Michael
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William Shakespeare lived in Britain from 1564 to 1616.Having gotten married at age eighteen,he began acting five years later.He wrote Julius Caesar,among his many great contributions in plays.Many believe he was the greatest writer,of all time.His writings were read by many people than any other writer.Each year,hundreds of books are written about him and his writings.Moreover,films are being made from his plays,such like Romeo and Juliet.Shakespeare used words like never used before,thus changing English language.He was first to use such words as lonely,fair play,assasin and catch a cold.He did understand the way people thinked and acted,something that earned him his greatness.People found in his play once existed,they are real people.Actually,Shakespeare was a man worth lots of appreciation.Although he didn't live that long,we still appreciate his works.He did a great deal of writings that made him acquire fame.Will there ever be a man on earth to challenge him,and his writings?Maybe we'll have to wait!
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