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10 Ways an Entrepreneur can Make Money from Football

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Football is arguably the most watched sport in the world. It is a sport that enhances social life and mental capabilities as people meet and discuss tactics, the chances of a team winning and so much more. It is a well-known fact that players and managers alike, particularly in European football, make a lot of money in the game. Making money, however, is not limited to just players, managers and other immediate parties involved on the pitch. Here are 10 ways an entrepreneur can make money in football:

1. Development of football Academies

There are many little children out there who aspire to be professional footballers. Most, even with their enormous bags of potential and evident talent, do not realize their dream. This is partly due to poor avenues and systems in place to assist these children. An entrepreneur can invest in a few academies, hire a few qualified coaches with good interpersonal skills, and expect good returns. Parents will be willing to pay the cost of the program set out in order to help their children nurture their talent and give them hope.

2. Selling Football Merchandise

Don't you just love donning that jersey for the team you support? It goes further than a jersey. Football has tons of merchandise available for the fans. An entrepreneur can make money by selling football merchandise. Be it soccer boots, key-holders, classic shirts, headbands and wristbands, people are always willing to buy stuff just for the love of their team. Move smart, price your commodities well, and you may well be the next Bill Gates.

3. Investing in an Agency Network

Footballers are always in need of representation, outside the field of course. An upcoming footballer requires someone to help with the deals. Transfers are done via player agents. An entrepreneur can invest proudly in this. Agents usually earn 10% of a player's salary. By developing an agency with qualified agents, one can be certain of good returns.

4. Restaurants and Food courts

An entrepreneur would be making a brilliant investment in creating restaurants and food courts around a stadium and training grounds. Football matches attract a lot of people and these fans need something to bite and a cold drink to refresh them. The venture is quite simply, a nice opportunity to make money.

5. Online Gambling

People are always seeking for easy ways to make money. Gambling offers them this chance. An entrepreneur can invest in a web-based gambling company that has football matches as the events to bid for. More often than not, the stake is lost by the gambler and the company makes a lot of cash.

6. Partnership brokering

An entrepreneur can invest in products that a football team need, for example soccer boots or kits. By making a partnership with a team for sponsorship of a commodity, one can definitely make money from sales to fans.

7. Cleaning and Maintenance services

An entrepreneur can make an investment in providing cleaning and maintenance services to a football club. Stadiums, kits and the environment need to be adequately maintained to keep the club prosperous.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Football teams are always seeking out new buyers for their tickets and other merchandise. An entrepreneur can partner the club to take up the advertising part and make money from the venture.

9. Football dens

As mentioned earlier people love to interact about football. An entrepreneur can open a pub or restaurant where people come to watch live matches. With the right blend of aesthetics and service quality, he/she can make money easily.

10. Providing statistics

Football involves a lot of mathematics. From goals averaged per minute, pass completion rates for a season and any other statistics required for analysis. An entrepreneur can open such a company to provide relevant statistics to teams and make money from the business.
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Neil MwombeIn Kenya and probably, these ventures will be quite successful with English, Spanish and German Football clubs. Our local clubs do not command large following or interest. Selling Chelsea merchandise is quite promising.2015-06-25

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