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The Basics: Under Eight (U8) Soccer Drills

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Football or Soccer? However you may referee to it, one thing remains certain. Soccer is one of the most celebrated sports in the world. It is watched by millions of people and played by thousands either as professional footballers or as amateur players. Football is known as the sport that brings the world together regardless of the age, gender, race or religion. Playing soccer, other than being a passion is a skill. This skill has to be nurtured from a tender age to give it time to develop into perfection. They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. For this reason, we start training our young ones with a passion for playing football how to develop and improve their skills. However, it should be noted that not all training techniques can work for all ages. A young child cannot be expected to undergo the same type of rigorous training as a grown man. This has led to the emergence of different training plans for different age groups to ensure they perfect on their skill.

The best age group to begin training is that of 8 years or below. The U8 soccer drills are structured in such a way that they incorporate both fun and training into the plan. At this age, it is important to note that children are playful and including a fun technique into the drill could enable them to stay focused and keep them attracted to the training sessions. After all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The U8 soccer drills are mainly short sessions and entail improving on skills that the young ones already possess. This is through a process of repetition in an attempt to perfect what already exists before moving on to teach them something new. Some of the common Under 8 soccer drills include:

Shadow Dribbling

Shadow dribbling is a training technique meant for pairs. This is not a competitive technique. It is more of a supportive technique. Between the two players, there is a lead player and a follower. The follower attempts to mimic the movements made by the lead player. The purpose of this technique is to keep the players on alert. At any time, the lead player can opt to change his movements. It is therefore up to the follower to make prompt adjustments to keep up with the leader. This drill enhances the alertness of the players as a team.


This is more of a playful technique. It is intended to improve the general skills of the players. Ouch is used as a stepping stone to enforce dribbling abilities as well as to ensure that the players can aim and shot a ball.

Pirates of the Pugg

This dribbling technique is due to the use of a pugg goal. The pirates aspect arises from the fact that three players, also known as the pirates will attempt to obtain the ball from the nine players with the ball. The pirates can only win by retrieving the ball from the remaining nine players and scoring it into the pugg goal. The more the pirates score, the more the other players are converted into pirates. This happens until the last player standing is crowned the winner. This drill is mainly intended to improve on the attack and the defence.

There are numerous other techniques that coaches can use in their U8 soccer drills to improve the skills of young players.
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