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How to Get Twitter Followers

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Social media has grown so fast to become the most active internet platforms. Through social media, we chat, talk, exchange ideas, exchange pictures: name it. They are all done through social media. The sole objective of social media is to connect people and keep them in touch at their own convenience. There are numerous social platforms on the internet. One in particular stands out from all the others. It is widely accepted and celebrated by the masses. Twitter, as it is known by all, is the fastest growing social media platform with tens of millions of users.
Twitter offers instant short message communication services otherwise known as tweets. These messages could be in terms of general conversations, thoughts on trending topics, personal thoughts and ideas and promotions. With all these capabilities and opportunities in addition to the large number of users, why would you not consider this a business opportunity? The numerous users of Twitter can all be viewed as potential customers. All that is needed is effective marketing and advertisement to direct their attention to your business. Before embarking on using Twitter as a networking service for your business, there are a couple of thing one needs to understand.

Who is a twitter follower?

When using a twitter account, it is important to notice that all tweets are publicly visible thus can be seen by all users of twitter. If other users are interested in someone else’s tweets, they can subscribe to them. This will allow them to get notifications each time the user tweets. The subscriber in this case is known as the twitter follower. A twitter follower can also have other users following him. For businesses, followers would either be existing customers or potential customers who are interested in what the business has to offer. The number of twitter followers determines the ranking of the specific account. In order for your online business to thrive, it must record a large number of followers.

How can twitter followers assist you in growing your business?

The market potential within Twitter is indescribable. By optimizing your use of twitter, one can tap into unexplored fields. However, twitter will not work for you and your business if you have got no traffic heading your way. Lack of traffic is an interpretation of lack of interest by the public in relation to your business and what it has to offer. It is therefore important to have a following as you operate your twitter account. There is a lot that twitter followers can do for you:
• Increase traffic to your account. This in turn gives your twitter account a higher ranking thus attracting more visits to your account and the business subsequently.
• A large number of followers helps to boost the confidence in other people about the business.
• Followers, through frequent communication can give you feedback on your products and their quality. They can also give suggestions on what they would like or how you could improve on service delivery. This could assist you in creating a more effective and efficient business.

How do you attract the attention of twitter followers?

The importance of having twitter followers is clear. How to attract them is the major dilemma. Here are some tips.

• Create trendy topics.

Tweet messages that are interesting to the public. Although you are running an online business, it should not always be business as usual. Try enticing other twitter users with tweets that affect the larger population. In a way, you can try to link this topics to your business.

• Become a follower

Just as a conversation is a two way traffic, so is twitter. Following other people will encourage them to follow you as well. You should also follow other businesses especially those within your field. You may just find clients from other businesses who are in need of the services you offer.

• Create a chain

You can tweet a specific individual and end the tweet with a “@” before their username. Once the individual replies, all those who follow them would be able to see the post. In turn, this will lead them to your account.

• Have an interesting profile

First and foremost, ensure you have a profile for your account as this is what will inform people more about the business. Make the profile as interesting as possible. You can spice it up by using profile pictures that relate to your field of business.
The best way of growing your business and increasing sales is by creating a large customer profile. This can only be done through marketing and networking, which are all directed to attracting customers to the business. An easy way of locating potential clients is through social media. Twitter forms the best platform for attracting clients, offering information as well as keeping in touch with them. Understanding the functionalities of twitter is crucial to gaining maximum benefits from this social media platform. It allows its users to tap into the raw market of customer realization. Twitter creates ease and convenience in communication between businesses and their clients.
How to Get Twitter Followers
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