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Best Android and iOS Games

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Technological advancement is reducing phones and tablets to practically a source of entertainment. IOS games are giving android a run for its money. Many players are indicating that iOS has good games as opposed to its competitor. Even at this, there are a number of great games that will keep you glued to your phone or tablet. In the year 2014, the following games have gained popularity for android users.

The walking dead: Season 1 and 2

Many have heard of this as a television series. It is also a game for android users. It comes for free for your first episode. Other episode can be purchased in the app store. You get to enjoy blasting and killing zombies. The best feature is that it comes in 3D and you can feel the creep even better. Once you are done with the first season, it does not have to stop at hat as there is a season two of the same game.

Clumsy Ninja

If animation is your ideal way to play, then this is the game for you. It gained popularity fast. The main character, the clumsy ninja needs training and you have the opportunity to get him to do his best.

Monument Valley

This game is a big seller with more than half a million copies sold within the first month on iOS. It is after this that it began sales with android users. The game involves guiding a young princess through different levels of a monument (architectural landscape). This is a great game for both android and iOS users.

Broken sword 5 serpent's curse

This game involves some sort of adventure and you can solve your way into new levels the more you play. The puzzles are meant to juggle your mind and still keep you playing. This game practically keeps you hooked and android phones and tablets allow individuals explore this adventure. It is worth every penny.

Boom Beach

This is another game that serves both Android and iOS users. You will need the involvement of other as the game requires the construction of an island as you will be invading other islands from other players. May the best fortress win as it is accompanied by a military theme. Enjoy the first run for free.

Hearthstone: heroes of Warcraft

This game brings along some action that is spellbinding. Once you get into it, it becomes addictive and you cannot get enough of it. You are required to use the provided cards to build your own deck of characters and a few spells to get you on the track.


Suiting iOS users, this game requires that you bring out your creativity and build a city and a space-base from raw materials that are provided. It is from this that you will carry out rescue missions. It also allows you to play with friends and chat online.

There are many more games in the app stores as one entrepreneur after another strives to sink their teeth into the mobile gaming market which has gained a lot of popularity with android and iOS users. While the market is still competitive, it is evident that more games will be released.

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