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How to Perform Better Than 80% of Fund Managers

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The role of a fund manager is to help individuals make a positive investment with a professional attachment to it. Fund managers work by pulling funds together from different investors and manages the funds to bring about a higher rate of return. While it is evident they cannot beat the market, they try to mimic the patterns so as to identify when it is best to get into and out of an investment. Alternatively, many individuals do not trust the aspect of having to let another individuals handle their money. Even at this, you still have the chance to invest your money and brat about 80% of fund managers at doing it.

In an effort to perform better than many other managers, try mimicking their strategies and adding on an added advantage. For example, fund managers are very keen and eager to monitor certain markets. In this, they are able to draw possible patterns in relation to this markets. For you, this should be easier as you are not looking at hundreds of markets. You need to select just a few markets that you think are viable. Your concentration is the key to performing better than the 80% of fund managers out there.

Keep in mind that fund manages can go big due to the large sums of money involved. Individually, this is huddle. However, you can decide to go with investments that require less funding. For example, rather than going for stocks that cost hundreds of dollars per share, start out with those that cost half this amount? Keep in mind that even with this decision, you need to understand the market. You need to pick a market that is active. Activity in the financial market means that trade and business are promising.

Funding is determined by you. As fund managers, the possibility of an investor withdrawing their funds before the actual realization of the expected growth rate. This is a major setback. For individuals, this is not a worry. It is up to you to hold until the desired effect is realized. The risk of unexpected withdrawals or time lapse for funds that take a given time duration are out of the question.

Considering that the funds involved are self inflicted, the probability of strictness and attention to detail is very high. Fund managers gamble (if we may say so) with funds that are from other investors. What is the probability that you may take a higher risk with your own funds? It is obviously not as high as with a fund manager. A fund manager allows his thinking to be directed by just funding and the statistics highlighted. This is a given advantage for them as money and investments are all about numbers. In this, you need to monitor markets to help you derive statistics that will be relevant to help you make investments. Make a follow up on these statistics and you are bound to make better investments.

With the above considerations, you should be able to perform better than the many fund managers. You not only have the basics of what they work with, but you also have an added advantage where you get to dictate what goes at what time.

How to Perform Better Than 80% of Fund Managers
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