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Why a Higher Income Can Keep You in the Rat Race

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Once you are out of college and you secure a job, the next thought is ensuring you grow in your field of choice. You feel like you owe it to yourself to be next in the promotion chain. We work so hard to out beat everyone else. The main objective for this rat race rotates around increasing your income so as to meet your lifestyle's demands.

Many at times, we relate staying in the rat race to being the only way to achieving our dreams. This is something that I beg to differ. While it is true that you could achieve your dreams through staying in the rat race, there are millions of other ways of achieving your dreams out of the rat race. To be precise, this out of the race solutions yield better returns in the long run.

We all get excited every time our income is increased or you receive your bonus. This in turn makes you reconsider the thought of leaving your work desk. You would think that, with an increased income, you would get out there and do something for yourself. Instead, you decide to do everything in your power to hold on to your job while at the same time ensure that you keep getting an increment.

A higher income will keep you in the rat race in an attempt to stand out and win the race. We tend to be competitive and once you start increasing your salary, the urge to keep moving up the ladder only increases. It is like tasting power, you get a bit of it and the next thing is that you want it all. The more you earn, the more you need to upgrade for the sole reason of increasing your income the more.

There is an assumption that it is better to have a constant pay than trying it out in the competitive market as an individual with a great idea. The higher income will blind you leading to thinking that you are better off increasing your chances than trying to compete with the big players in the field.

In addition, the thought that there are other people eyeing the same salary you are thinking of walking out off, will definitely keep you in the rat race. Your income has been increasing. Why would you leave just to let someone else take over? Right from college, we are accustomed to working for someone else. We key objective is to grow our careers while at the same time ensuring that our pay cheque reflects on the same. We have it in our heads that jobs are hard to come by yet we all insist on employment with better pay.

We forget that the higher our incomes, the more our demands and expenses. Leaving the rat race becomes even a bigger problem as we cannot think of a better way to meet these demands. Instead, we try to increase our income.

A higher income has always been an incentive to keep you going and it is working just fine to keep employees glued to their workstations. We need to pay our constantly increasing bills and the quick and temporary solution is staying in the rat race. The higher income is definitely a temporary solution. The only concern is, it will bind you to staying in the rat race and the race track in not guaranteed.

Why a Higher Income Can Keep You in the Rat Race
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