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When it arrives at the design of web, knowingly of what the visitors that more hate is a need, unless do not you want that visit you again. In this article is described what should be excluded of its website. If you know about a website I bother, doubt not in sending this article to its webmaster.

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He is a designer of web pages and its client wanted a pretty attraction flash head. The head of flash was genial. Itself it cannot be lost at all. Some of the pleasant graphic elements, while they flew in fact of sound created the perfect environment. Nevertheless, after beginning to explore the website, the head came be very I bother because each time that clicks the web page of the head is resumed. What was pleasant at the beginning was put very I bother with great rapidity, to bother to its concentration and for which is difficult to read what was in the page.

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It is not the first one in creating what I call - "design of websites I bother". Many webmasters, especially the new webmasters are completely "in love" of their ideas and they tend to go for the gunwale with their design of a form or another. Is good to have an attractive head, but is it really necessary robbery the mind of the visitor with him? In my opinion, absolutely not!

Webmasters times are forgot that its design of website should send a message to the visitor, that should reflect the theme of website and not the level of ability of the programmer.

"Do not press here". How many of you have seen this motto in a placard? What did you do the first time that saw it? If you are like the majority of the people, the first time that I saw it, clicks in it. What does this simple so powerful phrase that obliges the visitors to click in it? The answer is the curiosity!

Designers and writers web are always seeking ways to awake the curiosity of the visitor of the website. As the designers of banners that their objective is to attract the visitor to the flag, generally ignoring completely to the other elements in the web page that are more important for the owner of the website. Nevertheless, due to that the "press Not here", motto does not say us nothing on what is in the following page, awakes the curiosity of the visitor and does that be almost impossible not to click this banner to see what there is behind.

Brat Smith

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