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3 Ways to be Happy with Money

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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People say that the source of all evil is money. This does not have to be necessarily true. It is all in the way you opt to look at it. Greed in my opinion is the reason that brings about evil. Instead of being happy with what you have financially and growing it to the level you want, many are trying to live a lifestyle that they still have not arrived at. This has led to either an introduction of illegal transactions or a life of debt of more than they can carry.

Rather than get into the trouble of either of the above, you can be happy with the money that you are currently making and work your way up the ladder of success without overwhelming yourself. Rather than getting stressed over making money, you can be happy with it. The following are 3 ways in which you can be happy with money.

Spend within your means

Spending within your means is very important as it does not get to strain you off your limits. This means that you also get to work with a budget something that people forget to draft. Your budget is a constant reminder of how far you can stretch your finances. This is not to say that you have to settle for less. Not at all. This only means that rather than shopping from the high end market, you can go for more affordable markets or shop more during seasons that have discounted rates or offers. Not only will you get the things that you desire, but you will get them within your budget.

In this, you are happy as your money works for you without having to drown yourself in a debt/loan.


Saving is similarly an important aspect if you want to be happy with money. While spending within your means will help you to get what you want at the given time, saving helps you to budget for the unknown/tomorrow. Its not only about being happy with money now but also being happy in the long term. When we talk of saving, it is not about putting aside a lot of money. It is about putting aside even the little you can spare. It is more of a discipline. After all, it still stands to benefit just you, just not now.

Emergencies occur and the last thing you want is a debt trying to sort out an emergency. You can never be sure of the future. You can place yourself in a better situation by putting aside savings for these predicaments.

Savings are not only for difficult times. You can save up in an effort to put money together for something that probably costs more than you can afford in one go like your dream car. Tell me that you will not be happy!


Investing is your opportunity to grow financially. We all would like to handle more money than we already are as we attempt to achieve our long term objectives. The satisfaction derived from growing your money to meet those objectives will definitely bring about happiness. The notion that you need millions to make an investment is long gone. A little goes a long way.

An investment is therefore a solution to continuous happiness as you are able to nature a ground that generates an extra income that is bound to help you meet your needs and wants.

You can be happy with money if it can bring about satisfaction. Spending more than you bring in will get you frustrated, not saving will drown you in bills as they increase with inclusion of a larger family that will demand more and not investing will keep you within the same income that is not satisfactory leading to you being unhappy.

3 Ways to be Happy with Money
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