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Conveyor Rollers Review

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Conveyor systems are essential in effective large scale material handling and transportation. It is likely that if you travel by air, you have seen small-scale gravity conveyor rollers at the airport security gates where they are used to move luggage through an x-ray machine. However, there are multiple industrial uses of rollers are often observed at the end of more complex conveyor systems and in pallet flow racks. Conveyor systems vary depending in the nature of job in context.

Gravity roller conveyors require more humane input and are used manual handling systems like packing lines. Powered roller systems such as line-shaft conveyors, are ideal for light to medium material handling like boxes and crates. Heavy duty items require pallet roller systems. They are vital to ensure easier and faster movement of raw materials in factories. Packaging, aerospace, material handling, computer manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, bottling and pharmaceuticals are some of the industries where these systems find application.

There are different kinds of conveyor rollers, depending on the load or weight that the conveyor roller should be able to carry and withstand, and the manufacturer of the conveyor equipment. Different manufacturers, of course, try to come up with different innovations leading to new build conveyor systems and supposedly better conveyor design and better performance.

Conveyor rollers are usually constructed with strong and durable PVC material or stainless steel. This protects the metal from rust and ensures minimal maintenance. The greatest benefit of these systems is that users do not have to undergo the pain of doing labour intensive and costly jobs as well as streamline process flows. Plus they are much safer to operate when compared to forklifts and other systems that are prone to accidents. You have the option of choosing between fully automatic, hydraulic or mechanical systems for operation.

Before selecting a conveyor system, it is important to decide the application of the same. This is because a number of factors determine the accuracy of the selection process. These factors include type of material being transported, pick up and loading point, sorting, accumulation and so on.

There are certain points that should be kept in perspective to ensure long life of this system. It is important to choose the right type of conveyor keeping the requirements in mind. The system should be suitably designed while focusing at the conditions at work. Additionally, all machines need regular maintenance for a long life and this principle applies to this system as well.

Before using a conveyor roller system, it is pretty necessary that the operating personnel should get requisite training. This can ensure negligible instances of accidents, high productivity and minimum wear and tear of the system. The vital points of the system should be kept lubricated to avoid rusting and minimize deterioration. The instruction manuals that come along with it should be thoroughly studied to extract maximum productivity.

However when it comes to conveyors it is important that you implement a customized conveyor system that suits the individual needs of your company. Roller conveyor should not be a mystery to any industrial customer.

Conveyor Rollers Review
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