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Best Vacuum Under $200

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The Hoover WindTunnel UH70210 from the Hoover manufacturers offers advantages in its functionality and design. In terms of functionality, this vacuum has the capability to move from carpets to hard floors due to its brush roll shut off pedal making it suitable for cleaning any floor type.

You do not have to keep checking if the rinsable filter, HEPA or the carbon filters need cleaning as it comes with a system check indicator that will always alert you when need be. This promotes durability as you receive an alert for cleaning of the vacuum parts. In terms of design, it comes with an automatic rewind cord which you do not have to worry about during storage as it easy recoils its 27 feet cord into place leaving no room for any chances of tripping or mismanagement that may lead to wear and tear of the cord.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away also ideal for pet hair cleaning from Shark manufacturers, not only cleans your surfaces but also leaves the air in your surrounding dust free due to its advanced cyclonic technology. The combination of its anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filtration holds dust and allergens in the vacuum without letting it out back into the atmosphere. It simple design promotes easy maneuverability which makes it easy to reach all areas around your home or car and can be used on right about any surface as it also comes with not only a dusting brush but also a pet hair power brush to get rid of all kinds of dirt.

The Hoover UH72400 promotes in-depth cleaning with the help of its 3channels of suction with its advancement in technology. Can easily clean any floor with just the click of a button without having to change any brushes or systems manually thanks to its multi-floor electronic brush roll. Its advanced technology is capable of filtering dirt and debris from the air path due to air being passed through its eight cyclones. Its design eases portability and maneuverability as it changes direction with just a swivel of your wrist. You can also reach under any objects quite easily as its body has the capability to recline all the way to the floor.

If you are looking to not only vacuum but also wash and dry your hard floor surfaces, have a look at the Hoover Floormate Spinscrub. It comes with a counter rotating spin-scrub that brushes your floor gently in the process of washing. The scrub is gentle to all hard surfaces. Setting in these processes of vacuuming, washing and drying only requires that you dial the indicated stages. You do not have to wait for ages for your surface to dry as it has a combined squeegee and suction that facilitates fast drying.

This vacuum includes 30 hard surface wipes and detergent to ensure a clean surface. It comes with a long 27” cord which enables you to work in large room spaces without having to unplug it. Its built of durable material and does not have any belts which means its lasts over a longer duration. You are likely to clean over a shorter period of time due ti its wide cleaning path which ensures you cover a wider surface area when cleaning.

A vacuum with two channels of suction and two cyclonic stages for dirt filtration would be your Hoover WindTunnel 2 UH70811PC. These make it easier to get rid of stubborn dirt and to cleanse the air of dirt. The dual cyclonic stages for filtering dirt and debris ensures that there is no loss of suction as all the collected dirt and dust remains within the vacuum. Its dust cup has a large storage capacity which means you do not have to empty every time before you complete your cleaning. It is designed with a convenient bottom release cup that you can empty with just the press of a button ensuring that you are also dirt free as you do not handle any dirt when emptying the cup. It can be adjusted in 5 different height positions to serve all floor types and persons.

Best Vacuum Under $200
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