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All You Need to Know About Board Meetings

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A meeting is an assembly of people who have come together to reach a common agreement or decision especially a society or committee. Board meetings are held so that members of a board of directors can make decisions regarding the direction of a company. A board of directors is a body of duly elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization. The function of board members is to take part in board meetings.

The board should have a President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer who are qualified leaders. Some organizations also deploy advisers to the board. Board meetings should be held in public places though many organizations hold them behind closed doors for confidential reasons. Board meetings structure and style differ from one board to another. Meetings can either be formal or informal, open or closed, short or long.

In a board meeting, the first thing is reading of the previous minutes. This is done by the secretary who records all the discussions and actions taken by the board. After reading of the minutes, matters arising are taken care of or schedule for a later meeting. The minutes should include Date and time of the meeting, attendees and those who apologized for missing and the point made. The second important thing in a board meeting is reviewing financial report. Board members discuss how funds have been used, how much they have used and how much they will need in the future. Also accountability is given a test as the treasurer needs to explain the expenditures made.

Board meetings are important in bringing board members together. This makes them understand each other in and out of office. They develop a personal friendship which is vital when working together. Frequent meetings motivate members to work even harder as they realize their strengths and weaknesses. Board members share ideas among themselves and also allocate duties and tasks according to qualification and experience. Updates are given in every meeting to help members track their progress.

There are different types of board meetings which are held differently and under different circumstances. Annual general meetings are held to recap on the year’s progress. A strategy for future success is formulated. Here is where new members or office bearers are elected. Extraordinary meetings are held between general meetings when urgent decisions need to be made. Committee meetings are held regularly or as need arise to consider particular issues. Retreats are held away from the boardroom. They can last a full day or weekend. Retreats are designated to allow members to take part in deeper discussions about a particular issue or direction and future plans.

Board meetings are usually held in boardrooms or social halls. During a meeting, decisions can be made through various means including secret ballot voting or show of hands. Every meeting is directed by the agenda. The agenda is the list of things that will be discussed during the meeting. It is usually sent to board members in advance so that they familiarize themselves with the items to be discussed in the next meeting.

All You Need to Know About Board Meetings
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