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The Role of an Office and Office Equipment

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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An Office is a room or building used as a place of business especially for administrative work. Office equipment are assets that are used for the operating functions of a Company’s or businesses’ office. They include furniture (desks, tables and shelves etc.) and machines (computers, telephones, and printers, scanners, photocopying machines, fax machine, typewriters, modem and the necessary software).

Every office needs these equipment in order to carry on daily office activities smoothly. Have you ever wanted to start an office for your business? If yes, consider few things before starting. Make a budget for the costs you will need to cover for your office to be operational. Many offices which are in bad state were never evaluated before being opened. If you don’t have a budget for your office equipment you will never realize what you need and how much it my cost. You may end up ignoring important equipment which can affect the function of your office later.

Only open an office whenever necessary. Nowadays many businesses are operated from home. Don’t open an office just for the sake but do it if it is vital to meet your clients and customers in person. Offices are very important for one on one conversation. Make sure your business facilitates physical interaction for you to start an office. If your business requires you to start an office you need to either purchase or rent one which is centrally located. This will ensure that your customers access your products and services easily.

Office furniture’s are usually very expensive. Only obtain the necessary ones like Chairs, Tables, and Shelves. Don’t fill up the office with unnecessary wood work, every space is important. Also acquire necessary office equipment and supplies. Unused equipment and supplies only increase the cost of running an office.

Office equipment save time and labor. Computers and other machines in an office are fast and can do a lot of work in a very short period of time. Fewer employees can be hired to operate these machines and therefore save human labor. Saving time increases productivity.

Office equipment save operational costs. This is obvious because they save time and labor. Costs go down as the work is of high quality and is completed on time. They increase quality of office work because of the accuracy they have. There are few or no errors as compared to human labor. By using office equipment, monotony is reduced. Employees don’t like doing repetitive manual jobs as they feel bored and physically tired. Office equipment perform repetitive jobs continuously and reduce monotony.

Fraud is reduced with office equipment. Unauthorized signatures in cheques is prevented .Franking machines reduce fraud in postage stamps while cash registers reduce chances of cash manipulation.

Office equipment increase efficiency in office work. Computers handle complex problems easily. They control the general performance of employees determining the amount of work thy do and for how long. Businesses with offices have prestige and a professional touch.

The Role of an Office and Office Equipment
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