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Managing Group Dynamics at the Workplace

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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As an entrepreneur, you might require to hire a few hands to help you in the daily running of your business since the work might just be too much for one person to execute effectively and efficiently. This automatically put you in the top position as either the manager or the chief executive officer of your business entity.

Managing a group of people with different personalities and capacities is not an easy task and requires the entrepreneur as the group leader to take charge of managing and containing the group dynamics.

A group can be simply defined as a collection of people who work together in different roles and capacities to see through the completion of a given task. They all work towards a common goal. The common goal in this case is to sell the products or services your business entity is providing in the market. The roles in your group will correspond to the roles according to each employee/group member’s job description. E.g. the finance officer, cleaner, office assistant, IT technician etc.

For any group to achieve its goal, all its members need to perform their assigned duties within the specified /allocated time frame. When one member fails to live up to his/her role, this stunts the performance of the other group members and amounts to the overall goal not being achieved.

The group leader needs to take time to understand and know each of his/her group members. Their strengths, personalities and weaknesses. This is usually determined when interviewing them for the job positions but should continue even during work. Once the entrepreneur has a grasp of this, it is easier to pair up employees to perform a given function effectively. This is also useful when solving disputes in the work setup and developing solutions to emergent problems that are hindering the workers from performing their duties.

As the lead, the entrepreneur also needs to lead by example. Most of the group members will follow what they see in the group leader. If the leader is always jovial and free to associate with, the employees will be comfortable approaching the entrepreneur and work together. So as the leader, set an example you wish to see in your group members.

Motivating your group members is also very important. Motivation does not only imply a proper salary package. It also means appreciating your employees for good work done, sending complimentary emails and SMS to them every week or month, Involving them in the planning processes and taking into consideration their opinion and views. This will instill a sense of ownership in them and they will be motivated to work diligently for the greater good of your business entity.

Managing Group Dynamics at the Workplace
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