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VOIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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VOIP takes advantage of the Internet to connect telephone calls via the Intenet. The call could originate from a normal telephone line, be it fixed or cellular or from a computer connected to the internet. The same is tru for the recipient.

VOIP communication is much more economical to use for long distance telephone calls which would otherwise be treated as trunk or international calls.

To place a VOIP phone call, you can use any of the following, a normal wired telephone, a cellphone or a commputer as long as its connected to the Internet.

Subscriber A < = > VIOP termination provider A < = > Internet < = > VOIP termination provider B < = > Subscriber B

In this scenario Subscriber A (located in Kenya) picks up his phone to call subscriber B (located in Canada). He calls a local PSTN number provided by VOIP Termination provider A, the call is encoded and transfered to VOIP termination provider B via the Internet where its decoded and connected to Subscriber B via the PSTN.

The logic behind it is rather simple; Subscriber A pays local network rate to call the number provided by VOIP termination provider A making it a local call. The same happens on the other end on the call, VOIP Termination provider B pays local rate to call Subscriber B. This makes the entire call a whole lot cheaper than if the two subscribers were to call each other directly through their PSTN providers (international trunk dialing).

The best part is regardless of where a caller is located they can make a long distance call as if it were a local call. Other than individuals, this service works for corporate organisations as well, especially those who have offices located in different countries or regions. When they call using VOIP, the branch offices are just like a local extension and they can communiacate with them as much as they need to without their telephone bill going ridiculously high.

Article by Isaac Thuku
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