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Different countries have their description of the average maximum number of employees that a business should employ for it to qualify to be under the category of Small and Medium Enterprises. They are also defined by their ownership and organizational structure which is usually simple. Otherwise, SMEs generally are not as extensive and complex as large or multinational companies. Some of these SMEs can have a count of even just 2 employees. Small and medium enterprises outnumber large companies by a wide margin and also employ many more people in the current job market. SMEs are also said to be responsible for driving innovation and competition in many economic sectors. They practically run most economies and hence receive a lot of attention from governments, funding institutions and other economic organizations.

Public relations refer to the planned communication that is executed both within and without an organization. Most large companies have public relations department and not many SMEs have the same yet it is just as important that they do. Public Relations aim at improving the business entity’s image in the public sphere and its relationship with its customers and other stakeholders. These stakeholders, customers and even employees are known as the organization’s publics.

It is important for any business entity to have a good rapport in the market and maintain a good relationship with its existing customers and even employees. This is meant to work towards the business’ greater good. Public Relations can either be executed by the enterprise’s PR officer or the service can be outsourced from PR companies though not many have ventured into PR for SMEs. There might emerge some confusion on the difference between PR and marketing but it must be made clear that marketing is a PR function just as is advertising. However, some organizations have both PR and marketing as separate and functioning departments though they might end up sharing some responsibilities along the way. Others opt to have a marketing department and hire occasional PR services from provider companies.

As an entrepreneur, you decide what will work best for your company based on available resources and the scope of work you engage in. You can either employ a PR officer or hire occasional PR services or do your own PR as an entrepreneur if you lack capacity to hire.

SMEs need to seriously consider PR because customers will usually refer to the products and services of the provider that regularly connects and communicates with them, keeping in touch and providing information on existing and new products they offer. PR helps you maintain and build up on your database of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, making it easier for you to conduct business with them. The open communication avenues will also help you track customer feedback on your service or products, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to suit the market needs as they trend.

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