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Product Launch Jacking

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If you practice online marketing there is really one objective, to share with your prospective buyers of a solution or offer and to produce as a lot of money from the online campaigns as achievable. But your worry is how and where to get that traffic to drive your online marketing campaign so that you can maximize your revenues. The answer is launch jacking, where you have to think forward of the purchasing crowd in a new launch even before the launch itself happens. An affiliate who practices product launch jacking will certainly have his affiliate review web site set up optimized and on the top page of search engines (Google and others) long before the launch day of the product or service.

Product launch jacking is when think forward and take advantage of the web traffic and buzz in product that is just about to be launched to earn affiliate commissions from its promotion or that of an alternative product. You will create a webpage or site for the product that captures the keywords people search for, in order to capture all the free clicks of people searching for the new product. When people land on your page you can either route them to the new product on an affiliate commission or sell them something you have that matches their search needs. Either way, you can make profit from a launch.

So How does Product Launch Jacking Work?

The key is actually to optimize your web sites with straightforward SEO on page techniques, along with what you are almost certainly already carrying it like write-ups and social marketing. When a new product launches, there is not much information about it available on the internet moments before of shortly after the launch. And when someone searches for the product, they will be very few sites, if any, which search engines can pull up related to the product. This where The Traffic Jacking Code comes in.

Paul Birdsall, a veteran marketer, created The Traffic Jacking Code, a free marketing system. To put it simply this product by Paul Birdsall is an Affiliate Marketing Training course. This code is simply a program or strategy that uses Word Press to explain how to generate free traffic that affiliates can use in promoting any of their products. If you are that forward looking affiliate who can create and optimize your jack website for the new product early enough, you will be the prime target of these search engines and your rankings will be tops from the word go. You will enjoy zero traffic generation so you will not waste your money on those push-button traffic software (which often do not work) or other forms of advertisement.

The traffic jacking website you create will generate its own free traffic month on month. You will just earn your commissions with very little effort by appearing at the top of the search engines.

How to do Successful Product Launch Jacking

It involves a number of steps:

1. Find a product to promote. First you need to know what new products are coming up and this you can do by visiting with a product release calendar. After identifying the ones you want to promote or alternative products in which you have promotion experience. This you have to do at least 3 to 4 weeks preceding the product launch date.

2. Buy a domain related to the product of your choice, ending with .com, .net, or .org.

3. Set up your jacking website, upload the product theme and configure your jacking list, all of your settings, including your e-mail sign-up form, exactly how you want them. You can use a header banner’s relating to the product. Use this opportunity to announce the actual current product launch, and announce upcoming product launches so that subscribers will find value there.

4. Create content to your jacking website starting with a welcome post summarizing the product and a brief description about it. Remember you need keep visitors to your site well updated on developments as the product release date approaches. From there, space out posts or pages on the product, the product’s creators, and a general topic relating to the product every few days. The last post should be the product review post with a good summary about it, pros and cons as well as your personal opinion about it. This should come shortly before the launch date. If you recommend the product, include your affiliate links about 4-5 times in this last post. If you do not recommend the product, include your affiliate links to another product you think would be a better option.

5. Start backlinking pretty straight away

6. Create a review video review of the product and post in on YouTube. Use SEO Video tactics to ensure it ranks well for the product keywords. 7. Miscellaneous extras, from Press Releases, web blogs, slideshows. These will go a long way in putting you in the top positions on the launch date or days succeeding the product launch.

The easiest way to build a list with a launch jacking website is to redirect software which allows you to add an advertisement in between your launch jacking site and the affiliate site web users visit. When you create a link using the redirect software, somebody clicking on that link will see an advertisement of your choice before they get to the product page that my affiliate link is linking to. You can use anything you want for this link. You can enter HTML, a video, a banner, graphic, whatever you want.

The Traffic Jacking Code Review

As any affiliate knows, traffic is everything. Paul Birdsall, in The Traffic Jacking Code explains how get search engines like Google rank you on their first page. Just by getting to the first page of a search engine like Google, the bonus is obviously free organic traffic. He has recorded and weekly live webinars where members can attend to stay update with any new techniques that may are being tested. Here you get to ask questions and receive answers.

Because Paul’s code focuses on new product or brands due to be launched, multiple systems have been devised to jack search engines in efforts to get free organic traffic from the new product niche market. This might be too good to be true, you will say, because nothing this perfect can be so easy. It is very real. After becoming a member of The Traffic Jacking Code, you will get it delivered to you in a simple way and commissions will come flowing, provided you remain focused on what you learn. All these will be because of the backlinks the mini-sites you created earlier when you were setting up the new product website.

When you do a launch Jack, you are the first to party, meaning that you get to grab the best domains and get the most amount of traffic with just a simple website or video. There is very little competition, although it does seem more and more people are getting into jacking. Because you are one of th
Product Launch Jacking
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