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Effects of technology on business production and communication

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Technology can be defined as the process of making, modification, usage and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems and methods of organization. This is important in solving a problem or improves a pre-existing solution to a problem. All this is for the purpose of achieving a goal, handling an applied input/output relation or performing a specific function.

Technology change refers to changes in production techniques and production equipment. Business changed drastically in the 20th century after the emergence of computers. Entrepreneurs no longer depended on many employees for tasks to be carried out. Computers were thrown on the field to make work easier and speed up production.

Computers enhanced data storage and minimized paperwork. Office routines had to change as filling cabinets were replaced with computer’s hard disk. Storing business documents with the use of a computer is safer and time saving. Through this technology change data loss is discouraged provided that the computer is protected from theft, hacking, fire, water and dust. Filling cabinets were time consuming when making references and vulnerable to theft and fire.

Technology has contributed greatly to business outsourcing. This is the practice of hiring employees who work outside the company or remotely, even from across the world. It is no-longer necessary for employees to be physically present in their offices in order to carry on their work. Instead, they can communicate with their clients, co-workers and even bosses from home, distant office, a hotel room or anywhere in the world. Outsourcing allows individuals to communicate and carry on a business relationship without even meeting face to face.

Technology has changed the way businesses advertise themselves. From the invention of radio and Television sets, many advertisements were run through these mediums until the internet came into existence. Nowadays many businesses have placed thousands if not millions of advertisements on websites and blogs. Placing banner Ads on websites is cheaper compared to advertising on radio and TV which are way too expensive. Also the Ads on a website are active 24/7 unlike radio and TV where the adverts run in a specified time.

Introduction of faster electronic gadgets and devices has enhanced communication in business organizations. The emergence of laptops, palmtops, iPhones, iPads, smart phones and Tablets has made communication easier, faster and instant. Businesses don’t have to send messages and wait for a whole century to get a reply as was the case with letters. Emails, instant messaging, text messaging and chatting through social networks have made communication in business instant and faster.

Technology has reduced production costs as business people don’t need to travel far away in order to attend business meetings, conferences and training. The travelling cost is saved as communication is done through video-conferencing. This is a major success as over reliance in telephone calls and faxing is dropping. Wireless communication is embraced as businesses communicate in real time through Skype.

The modern world is relying greatly on technology on day to day business. Technology speeds up production as electronic gadgets make work easier and faster. Advances from Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) have provided employment to professionals though use of machines and other equipment calls for redundancy as little human labor is required.

Effects of technology on business production and communication
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