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Getting the best from your Employees

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Employees of different organizations behave differently in accordance to the treatment they receive from their superiors. Cheerful and active employees reflect how good the business organization or company treats them while dull and non-responsive ones elaborate how they lack freedom at their place of work.

Good relationship with your employees will make them do their job with freedom and dedication. It will give them the extra commitment they need. This will also affect how they treat your customers and clients. If you treat them well, be assured that the customers will be treated with royalty and respect. Fail to treat them well and your customers will be on their way out of your enterprise because of the mistreatment they are getting.

Employers should ensure that they treat their employees with fairness. As an employer, an employee is your representative. Employers need to make sure that employees sell the business, products and services beyond customer expectations and should make sure that customers spend more than their budget. Repeat customers and customer referrals are the biggest growers of a business.

Customer referrals give you more loyal business than all advertising mediums combined. This is because customers trust actual experiences more than information from commercials. Advertisers give us an impression of things but actual experiences are very different. There are many tips which should help you understand your employees and treat them as your representatives.

Employees training should be a must. There are few or no business organizations that offer training to their employees. As an employer, train your employees continuously in order to get maximum service and benefits from them. Continuous training and learning is vital for every business organization. Let your employees know all about your business, vision, mission and objectives. Make sure they understand their role in all these. Don’t forget to integrate their personal goals and objectives with those of the business.

Being an employer, employees should act as your eyes and ears when it comes to customer complain because they are your representative. You should make them feel comfortable and satisfied with their jobs no matter how much salary they earn. Superiors and subordinates relationship and communication is necessary for growth. Your business will get satisfied customers after your employees are satisfied with you. Treat your employees well and this kindness will be transferred directly to your customers.

Labor is mobile and it is inevitable that employees will leave your business at some time. The good and the bad may leave for various reasons mostly in search of greener pastures. Those who finally decide to come back help the business because they were there and done that. Human Resource departments around the world find it hard to let good employees leave.

Employees are the most valued asset in business and should therefore be treated with care. When it is necessary for employees to leave, let them leave smoothly without any hard feelings. It is always hard to find good employees so keep them motivated for them to stay in the business for long. Let them know their duties and rewards in return. Also ensure you involve them in decision making and consider their requests such as giving them necessary leave.

Getting the best from your Employees
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