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Turning Your Hobby into Cash

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Everybody has a hobby; or at least that is what a majority of us include in our curriculum vitae when applying for a job, in a bid to impress the hiring manager. Hobbies can range from golfing to playing chess, biking to dancing, cooking to reading; there exists a myriad of these.

Not all have access to higher education that will secure them formal employment and still, those that further their studies are not also assured of direct employment. This reality has resulted in a very high rate of unemployment in developing countries and also some of the developed countries. Some creative minds that have been caught up in this scenario have resulted into turning their hobbies into cash; eventually establishing business ventures that end up employing other job seekers. News outlets inform us of such cases, and some we have witnessed ourselves.

It worked in their cases, why shouldn't your hobby generate some cash for you?

First you need to identify what you love doing and find out if your hobby has any possibility of driving you to the bank. Most hobbies; if creatively tailored can be viewed as a business opportunity. It is therefore up to you to be creative and study your environment to ascertain what can work for your area and what can’t. Develop your unique market niche and create a product your target customers will find hard to resist.

Once that is done, stage a pilot venture that will aim at testing your new product in the target market. E.G your hobby is baking. You can bake a few cakes and liaise with your local supermarket to sell the cakes and test customer response to your baking. If the cakes sell fast, the supermarket will sure request you supply them with the cakes and viola! Business has officially begun for you. Take time to market your products at any avenue possible; customer referrals are the fastest and most reliable way through which advertising is done. Good advertising will see your products sell fast and your business gradually grow.

It should however be noted that though it is fun to do what you love doing, getting there in the business sense might not be an easy walk in the park. Establishing and growing any business requires patience, dedication and utmost commitment on the side of the entrepreneur.

With this simple guide, you can now go ahead and turn your hobby into cash.

Turning Your Hobby into Cash
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