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Tools and Tips To Make Money Online

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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How's your venture into making money online coming along? Bet not too well yet. Well, that's how it all begins but as you get better and better at it you start making some pennies here and there soon enough you are making real dollars but not a lot and later on if you keep up the effort some mega dollars might just come your way. Here is the real deal, on the Internet when it comes to making money, there are no freebies as some people would have you believe but you have to work your you-know-what to make the moolah flow your way.

In my case I started in July 2010, main reason being I was immigrating to Canada from Kenya and I needed something to bridge the gap between when I closed my IT business and when I get a job in Canada. I did not make a penny till January 2011. Actually, I lost like $100 to scammers in that period but what the heck call it my seed capital. Wish I was smarter in my dealings though. Don't do it my way but learn from my mistakes and send me 10% of your 1st earnings.

Anyway, let's get down to business. If you are going to make any money online you will need a few tools and tips:

1. A computer and access to inexpensive Internet is a must-have else you'll be losing money instead of making some money.

2. Take some time to think and figure out exactly what you plan to achieve and how to start, are you going to build your own website from scratch or use the services of an existing site like Ebay or Amazon?Step by step you will get there eventually.Are you doing this full time, part time or just for fun? Whichever the case it may be here are some ideas from my experience that you could try out and see how well they work out for you:

Odesk - Sell you skills online


Paid to Click

Blogging for Money

Ecommerce - Sell stuff online


And many more affiliate stuff

I suggest and insist you come up with a unique way you can squeeze some dollars out of someone else, as long as its legal. Better still do every one of them, that way you make more money, but in a systematic way.

3. Read around. Information is power; the good thing about the internet is there is a lot of it lying around the net for free.

4. Caution!!!! Before you pay for anything, do some research on the guy you are sending money to and is what they are offering worth paying for? Read about what others have experienced learnt and the mistakes made do not repeat. Wish I'd done this step when I started.

5. A PayPal account comes in handy and is acceptable to almost all ecommerce sites. That way your credit card details are secured and safe from scammers. You don't need someone cleaning out your savings while you sleep.

6. Time. For you to learn what makes or loses you money on the internet you need to invest a lot of time there. I call it a "market place", go window shopping, you are not obliged to buy anything if you don't want to but you get to see and learn new stuff. Brainstorm ideas with someone experiencing or has experienced the same things you are. Learn who's selling cheap, giving away free stuff, try out stuff for free and also who's buying expensive who can be a your new client, you get my drift? In other words there are countless ways to make money out and you need to know what and where to find them.

7. Get started on your journey to making money online!!! Sitting on your butt and making excuses every day might just turn out to be a major case of procrastination which will not earn you a dollar, just a whole lot of frustration. Just so you know, you will win some and lose some too while you are out there, take one step at a time.

8. Blog a lot if you can. Once you gone, sold or auctioned stuff out there, made some good money, take a moment to share your experiences, ideas, suggestions etc with others. It does you no harm and it benefits someone else who's out the searching for how to lead. A lead is more solid when it comes form someone who has done it and succeeded. Make friends, partners and followers on you blog, website, facebook, tweeter....One last thing, it does no harm to donate some of your hard earned cash to good causes. With that I can only wish lots of good luck in your online money making business and don't forget to drop me a line of comment, idea, joke, poem, link even an insult in the form below. It makes my day like you can't imagine...Oh and don't forget you owe me 25% of your 1st pay check, would make my day even better.

I will now get back to work, else am not making a paid today.

Article written by Isaac Thuku
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