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Paid Online Surveys

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Did you know that you could get paid to take or fill online surveys? Companies are carrying out surveys so as to monitor their products or services. This is one of the ways to earn an extra online income. These surveys are used by a company to rate their products. This will also identify the areas in which the company can make improvements so as to satisfy their target market.

To get signed up so as to make money online through filling online surveys is not a hard task. All you need do is sign up with one of the paid survey sites. At their site, you are required that you fill in a member profile. This should not require that you pay for anything. To register as a member is normally free of church. Your opinion matters to the company in regards to their products or services. Once you have a profile with the site, they will then send you an email once they have a survey that they have received from a given company that matches your profile. The email contains all the details required to carry out the survey. Bellow the details and instructions, a link is provided for you to gain access to the survey.

The major advantage of paid online surveys is that you can work from home or from your point of comfort. You are not restricted to the number of surveys you can take. As long as you have the internet at your disposal, you can work all you want.


There are several ways of being compensated as an online surveyor. These include:

• Cash

The surveyor can be paid in cash for services rendered. The mode of payment for cash depends on the site you opt to work for. They can make payments once as a lump-sum or make frequent payments depending on the number of surveys you are able to fill within a specific time period. Many opt for this method of payment as it can be converted to many other options.

• Redeemable points for prizes

Some surveys will give you points for every survey you take. These points once they are increased to a point in which they can get you a specific prize you have been targeting, then you can redeem the points for the prize which can be shipped to you.

• New products for you

Some surveys are for products that are either entering the market or have been renovated. In some cases, the company that is carrying out the survey may choose to pay the surveyors by giving them the product. For example, if you fill in a survey for a given type of mobile phone, the company may give all the surveyors who provided the relevant information with a phone.

You have an opportunity to make some extra money through filling online surveys. Beware of some scam sites that claim to offer this opportunity. Always try to work with well known sites. Grab the chance that technology has provided and make money online.

Paid Online Surveys
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