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Selling Traffic - Online Advertising / Affiliate Marketing

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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To a website owner, visitors are everything. Suppose you were selling something on your website as illustrated in the ecommerce article, you will need visitors who in essence are potential customers in case they like what you are selling and they opt to buy.

In this chain, you put adverts on your website, printed publication or newsletter or email promoting another merchant's product. When your website visitors or publication readers use the link, it takes them to the merchant's website where they can view and purchase the advertised products. For that visit/click you will be paid a commission.

There are two ways of billing the merchant for such traffic:
- A flat rate per click, say $0.1 per click.

- A flat rate per month or week, say $5 per month.

The magic trick in this business or the hardest task I've come to find out, you need to get visitors to your website first before you can send them to another merchant's site and make some money.

How do you attract visitors to your website?

-Search Engine optimisation (SEO) - Download Free SEO Book

-Publish articles on a subject of your choice

-Post reviews on forums or blogs on a subject of your choice

-Exchange links with other websites

-Print flyers and distribute in your neighbourhood

-Send out advertisement emails

-Advertise on your email signature block

-Advertise on your favourite social media e.g. Facebook or Twitter

-Advertise on a periodical newsletter

-Purchase advertisement space on other websites preferably at a cheaper rate than what you are charging. Read my paid to action article for more details.

You need to market your website such that it's very ranked very high on search engine sites or have an email or printed-flyers marketing campaign that reaches a lot of readers. Say for example you are ranked 3rd on Google, Yahoo or Bing Searches. You can use this rank as a selling point to merchants like Google Ad Sense, Commission Junction, Click Bank, EBay and other affiliate marketing companies shopping and willing to pay for visitors.

Remember that once you have sold traffic you will need to be paid, PayPal is a great way to do that. It's always worked for me. Alternatively you can request the merchant to mail your check to you or wire / transfer it direct to your bank account. Here is the best part, economies of scale, you can have more than one merchant advertise on your publication and if you have more than one publication you can drive more traffic hence more revenue.

Do note that it takes time to make a website popular enough to generate reasonable revenue. You have to ensure first time visitors keep coming. You can also give them incentives to refer their friends and colleagues to your website. Ensure that you keep publishing and more quality content on your website or publication that way visitors will always have something new to read again and again.

Article by Isaac Thuku
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