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The Best New Memory Cards to Buy

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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For a long time, floppy disks were used as modes of data saving, storing and transfer until memory cards came to be, completely revolutionalizing data storage and exchange between digital devices. They are just awesome, convenient, reliable and resilient, with many people using them to store and transfer digital files and pictures in computers, cameras, cell phones and many other digital devices with a fitting slot. In fact, very soon, this micro chip might just replace hard disk drives as the primary storage medium in computer systems.

The fact that we have different makers of these micro chips means that not all memory cards are the same. Therefore, choosing which make to go for is not a simple decision as it involves evaluating a number of considerations:

 Size – different brands have varied physical sizes. But to not let size confuse you that bigger is better than smaller as it all depends on brand specifications.

 Storage capacity – what volume of data can a device hold is defined by the amount of gigabytes (GBs). This matters a lot because a 16GB memory chip will not store the same amount of data like a 2GB one.

 Brand – cheap is low poor quality, as some brands can be easily counterfeited. Go with leading reputable brands like SanDisk, Lexar, Transcend, among others. There’s probably a bit of personal preference and price point comparison that comes into play here.

 Card speed – at what rate can data be transferred or exchanged between different devices? Speed is measured by the number of megabytes (MBs) it can store per second. A 34.2MB/s memory device is faster than a 24.4MB/s one. Why is this an important factor? If you are looking for a micro chip to use in your digital camera, you obviously are need one that the camera can quickly write onto as well as one that will allow for quick downloading of files to your, especially if you are a person who takes many shots at a go.

You might be asking yourself why brand is an important consideration in buying decision. But you need to ask yourself why most photographers and photography enthusiasts trust SanDisk cards? Why not go for other brands like Kingston, Canon, transcend, stealth, Delkin, Lexar, Sony, Toshiba, Adata, Patriot and many others? It is a simple answer: these brands blend higher resolution quality and are generally very dependable.

It has been proven from experience that Compact Flash (CF) chips work generally faster than their Secure Digital (SD) counterparts. But, the new XQD cards marginally beat the CF cards. May be it is good to have the two technologies in your camera, if only it can support it.

Here are some leading new memory brands to buy as confirmed by their performance from different customer reviews:

1. SanDisk Memory card

As already mentioned, SanDisk is number one for photography professionals and enthusiasts because it produces high resolution photos and quality videos. It is ideal for fast action shots and still images. With its Ultra High Speed (UHS) technology, it is able to continuous high megapixel and HD video shooting. Plus it is designed withstand any exposure to bad elements and accidents. It is a champion for new buyers.

2. Kingston Technology Ultimate XX

Like the Verbatim cards, Kingston Technology Ultimate XX is a good budget-level option, with a respectable and quoted read speed of 60MB/sec and a write speed of 35MB/sec. In its testing, however, it comes close to other leading and reliable models. When used in Nikon D800 shooting in its continuous high drive mode, it provides up to a 94-frame JPEG burst, which is only six frames off what other cards brands produced. Given its relatively lower price range, its quality cannot come close to that of other leading models like SanDisk; therefore it is important to store this device properly to avoid it getting damaged.

3. Lexar Professional 600x

Recently, Lexar announced a staggering range of high capacity designs far more superior than its previous versions: ranging from 16GB all through to 256GB memory capacity. Lexar Professional 600x matches SanDisk Extreme Pro card as a leader in performance, with both brands are similarly priced. But in terms of general device quality, Lexar is better in these aspects, with it being resistant to scratches and chips. Overall, this is a premium product among other SD memory cards.

4. PNY’s Pro-Elite Plus

One paper, PNY's Pro-Elite Plus card matches other top brand names cards in this review in terms of read and write rates, but its performance is not quite up to standards initially set by Lexar and SanDisk. Also, this is an expensive card compared to others in this review. From company tests and customer reviews, this memory chip has proved to be reliable and long lasting as it can withstand any shocks and conditions it may be subjected to.

5. Verbatim Premium UHS-I

Verbatim's Premium memory chip is a good budget option, but it registers a modest performance against other leading brands in terms of data transfer rates, which are 90MB/sec read and 25MB/sec write. From all reviews, this memory chip came out as very slow, providing a 36-frame JPEG burst when set to continuous high drive mode of Nikon D800, whereas other top models could enable a 100-frame burst. USB 3.0 data transfer is slower, too, but if using USB 2.0, it has been confirmed that transfer speeds of every card are almost similar, so no problem there. Just like SanDisk, its build-in quality leaves a little to be desired, too.

6. Samsung Memory Card

Being a waterproof chip, this memory chip has been designed to withstand any tough conditions, including unbearable weather patterns that it might be subjected to. It is undeniable that this is a long lasting card - it is very well made and can be tossed around without being damaged, much more than what some other brands here can withstand; making it a great value brand, except for its average performance.

Brand makes a difference in selecting which memory chip to buy because some brands are more susceptible to failure than others. Brands like SanDisk, Lexar and Kingston remain leaders in this industry, enjoying some of commendable best reputations in terms of performance, reliability and durability. Although all these brands have reported some cases of failure from clients, Kingston appears to have registered relatively more cases of card failure. SanDisk remains a champion in reliability, affordability and performance, and this explains why many people go for this brand. All in all, when considering which of make to buy, priority should always remain on what you seek to do with it. If you seek high definition, higher storage capacity and high speed photos, check your budget and select one that best fits your needs.

The Best New Memory Cards to Buy
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