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The 7 Best SD Memory Cards

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The SD (Secure Digital) memory card has since its emergence in 2000 grown to be the most trend format of memory cards used across the globe. It was introduced to compete Sony’s memory stick. The SD memory card is a small chip that offers non-volatile memory that remains stored even if there's no power being supplied to the card from an external device. The cards are used in almost all digital devices like mobile phones, tablet computers, home surveillance systems, cameras and many more to store to store music, photos and movies.

With continued advancements in technology, the size of data storage devices keeps getting smaller and the memory capacity and speed keeps growing amazingly. Provided you have the matching card reader or a small adapter, it is possible to read data from any SD card from any computer model. So you can store large volumes of data or images on this tiny chip from which you can transfer to a separate device for further action or use.

Like ordinary memory cards, the SD cards come in a variety of memory and physical sizes, with the SDHC, a new format introduced in 2006, having the having the larger storage capacity. In terms of physical size, the SD is the largest, followed by the MiniSD and then MicroSD as the smallest of the three cards.

Because there are different SD card manufacturers, each offering their own range of features, it is important to carefully evaluate the available options before settling on a particular brand, depending on your taste, preferences and your ability to afford it. Always check for device compatibility first because a number of electronic devices may not accept SD card capacities mainly on account of hardware restrictions. You must as well check for the card slots size on your digital device because this will affect the decision you make.

Some of the known market brands include Toshiba, SanDisk, Lexar, Sony and many others. Here are the SD memory card brands that the market considers the best in terms of reliability and security.

Toshiba SD Memory Card

A very solid card whose speeds are almost incomparable to any other brand currently found on the market. Other than excellent transfer rates, there is just so much to compel you to buy this card: blending up to 95MB/s read speeds and 60 MB/s writing speeds. With up to 64GB size, you have the freedom any memory capacity that best fits what you seek to use it for. Given that there is a 5 year warranty on this card, which many people do not find it shorter when compared to what the competition offers, thus is certainly overridden by the terrific speed and storage potential. Other than issues of warranty, this is a decent SD card choice.


Undoubtedly the global champion in this field, SanDisk has placed great focus on card memory offering clients with a wide variety of selection options. This SD card is similar in many ways to other leading brands like Toshiba, and in some aspects actually exceeding them. With up to 80MB/s reading speeds, up 128GB storage capacity and a lifetime warranty, you have no excuse as to why this is not your best card. Be it your music player, Smartphone or camera that you want to get an SD card for, SanDisk is a good solution for you.


These cards also come with a lifetime warranty, with their flash data retention estimated at up to 10 years of normal depreciation, meaning that there are absolutely very little chances of data losses ever. Between 8GB to 64GB storage capacity, there is good choice flexibility. However it can only read up to 30MB/s speeds, but you can use this solid card for a long time. Sony Their SD memory cards are some of the most competitive in the market mainly due to their high quality, choice flexibility, reliability and performance. Their cards have been specially designed for UHS compatibility, with capacities rising up to 32GB and reading speeds of up to 94MB/s and write speeds of up to 45MB/s, depending on your choice of card.


In terms of speed and performance levels, this SD card is almost similar to Kingston cards, up to 30MB/s reading speeds, several sizes available plus a lifetime warranty and a fairly good price, making it a decent card for many.


This is also a very decent card with good transfer rates, but unfortunately, there is very little information with regard to the maximum speed and storage capacity rates, making it hard to give this card a ranking, only that it has minimum transfer speeds of 10MB/s, like most of the SD cards here. But those who have used it before attest to the fact that it is a reliable card in performance and also comes with a lifetime warranty.


These are solid SD cards, superior in quality, very compatible with most devices, outstanding performance and also very reliable, even though they are not very cheap like many of the others. They also have placed great focus on memory which has seen the company receive many awards in commendation for their effort and achievements. These cards also come with a lifetime warranty, and that is why they make a great choice to many cameramen and photographers.

After this review, it is important to remember that in considering the best SD memory card, priority number one should be on the purpose for which you seek that card. If you seek high definition, higher storage capacity and high speed photos, check if you can afford it and go for the brand that perfectly fits what you want to use the card for. Other than the key features like data transfer speeds, storage capacity, physical size of the card, quality and reliability, you should first check that your device is compatible with the card you’re about to buy because some electronic devices, as they get older, will not accept some SD cards. SD had emerged as the most popular memory card format because of its wide acceptance. However, almost all the leading electronics and digital device makers accept SD cards in their products, with the exception of Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm.

The 7 Best SD Memory Cards
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