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Roles of the Public Relations

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Public Relations can be defined as the way Organizations, Companies and Individuals communicate with the public. It is actually the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization. Activities involved in public relations include speaking at conferences, preparing press releases, communicating with employees, maintaining an online presence and even winning industry awards.

Public Relations specialists should be holders of Bachelor’s Degree in communication or Journalism. If this is not all, they need to have good writing and verbal skills. Their main work is to communicate with the target audience directly or indirectly through media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image. They also create a strong relationship with the audience.

Public Relations creates and maintains a positive public image. Every business or organization is after a good reputation. The way customers view your business is important in keeping the business on the market or in the list of the next enterprises to fail. In this competitive business world, a positive image saves the day as customers will always stick with your products and services.

Good Public Relations skills will attract new customers to your business. These new customers will also refer their friends to your business. Entrepreneurs are happy when people flock their businesses. They are after profits and this can’t be achieved if customers don’t come out. The business will enjoy increased profits and establish a healthy marketing environment.

Public Relations department ensures customer satisfaction. The Public Relations Manager ensures that all the customers are served to their expectations. This comprises of friendly assistance where customers have problems or and also offering after sales services. This is the most important role of the public relations department because it will determine if the customers will come back next time or not. If customers are offered the right services and treated well, they are likely to return but if the services were poor they will definitely go for good.

Communication with customers is vital in public relations. The PR department allows customers to raise their concerns, ask questions and give out suggestions through social media to build the business or company’s image. Public relations specialists manage Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels. This makes it easier to connect with customers and potential investors. They also monitor and moderate public comments about the business or organization over the internet. This will help them detect problems earlier and seek ways of solving them.

The public relations department works hard in protecting the interests of the business or organization. In any case where the business or organization is hit by a massive scandal that can ruin its reputation, public relations professionals will come up with a tactful and clever way of repairing the damage of its image. They will address the media of how they are planning to resolve the matter and when will it be. This prevents speculation among the public. A slight mistake in this point will tarnish the image of the business or organization.

Roles of the Public Relations
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