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Getting Started on Odesk - Selling your skills online

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Writer Isaac Thuku
Category Personal Article
Have you ever felt like your skills have a wider market out there, over and above the desk job you may or may not have. How would you like to sell them to the highest bidder, not just within the vicinity of the city you live or the borders of your country but to the whole world? You never know, out there there might be a lot of people who need them and they are willing to pay top dollar for a good job done.To get started you need to sign up on Odesk as a contractor, its absolutely FREE.

Once you have verified your account as a contractor, you will find thousands of employers looking for people with skills like yours. A good inexpensive internet connection will do you good because you will spend a lot of time online, job searching, communicating and working.

Second step you need to update your contractor profile, add your education details, unique skills and relevant experience needed. Its also a good idea to take some Odesk tests to prove your skills. However, these tests are not compulsory except the Odesk ready test which helps prove that you have the minimum required skills and knowledge to apply, do and deliver an online assignment.

Third step you need to go through the job categories and select the category or categories that suit you best and are confident you about your ability to deliver on and start sending out applications. Remember like any other job application, there are rules and thresholds to be met for the employer to invite you for an interview. Do your homework, provide samples if possible and follow up promptly. A few minutes could make a difference between you getting a job or losing it to someone who sent an email 2 seconds before you.There is a limit to how many jobs you can apply to when starting, try out some of the tests relevant to your skills, they'll go help increase the number of applications you can do at any one time. Remember the wider the net the higher the chances of a catch, cast yours widest. As you gain experience and your reputation grows so will the interviews and the revenue that comes from successful ones.

Last but not least, remember to get paid you will need an account, for starter I recommend Paypal, it has always worked for me and its an acceptable mode of payment almost anywhere on the internet. More important your credit card or bank account details will never be revealed to the seller hence it reduces chances of being ripped off. Alternatively, you can have Odesk wire the money direct to your bank account for a small fee. I have worked on Odesk since January 2011 and have made quite some money there. You can't go wrong and payment is guaranteed. Click here to see proof of my Odesk earnings just in case you are in doubt.

Feel free to email me on the link below for further info, I would be happy to help. At the same time share your experience and ideas with me, then I'll have something more to share with others like you.

Now go to Odesk and start making some dollars :-)

Article written by Isaac Thuku
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