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How Do I Copyright My Website Content?

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
Category Personal Question
Title How Do I Copyright My Website Content?

How do I prevent others from using my website or blog content with permission?

Tags Copyright, web content licensing, content theft, Anti- Piracy
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manyenye All you need to do is compress all of the appropriate files, including images, html or any other content, into a .ZIP file smaller than 20 MB. Then login to your SEAL™ account and in a few minutes, create a SEAL™ file. It is important to complete this process to protect your copyrights before you publish your web designs to the Internet.2016-03-11
Titus Kamaui think it varies from one country to another. in kenya its different to copyright music, movies, games, softwares, websites, ideas etc.2014-01-09

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