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How do I transfer funds from PayPal to Mpesa?

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
Category Personal Question
Title How do I transfer funds from PayPal to Mpesa?

I have funds in my PayPal account and live in kenya. How do I transfer it to my Mpesa account?

Tags PayPal to Mpesa, send cash, money transfer, USD to Kenya Shillings, PayPal to Kenya
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Isaac Thuku

Edgar Wisemoneykenya.com it takes five minutes or less and its very affordable check out their calculator its cheaper than most agents I have ever used http://www.wisemoneykenya.com/paypal-to-mpesa-calculator/2014-09-06
Isaac ThukuThe other alternative and most hustle free method to transfer funds from your PayPal account in Kenya is to get yourself a Payoneer MasterCard. It allows you to

Withdraw Your PayPal Dollars via ATM in Kenya

I have one and it works perfectly
James MwangiI can help you transfer paypal to mpesa at a small commission. contact me through +254 723 897 8902013-08-28
Justus OtienoIt's simple to get money from your Paypal direct to M-pesa. Just register with


and you will get money in 5 minutes or less.

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