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How Do I Relaunch a Defunct Business?

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
Category Personal Question
Title How Do I Relaunch a Defunct Business?

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Tuwaze MawazoWhen looking to revive a defunct business, you will need to thoroughly research why the original entity became stopped operations. You do not want the same to happen to your new entity.
You should also ask yourself a vita question; Is there still a market for it as well as how to establish and grow one?
You will need to check if the entity name is still available for you to register and operate under.
There is a risk that someone else may be using same name or has registered a trademark using it. Check Federal and State registries.This way you avoid costly trademark violation lawsuits in the future
Last, you will need to check what reputation the original entity had or still has in the market and will any negative views in the market adversely affect your new entity.

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