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How do I make my website viral?

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
Category Personal Question
Title How do I make my website viral?

What is a viral link or post?

Tags link building, link marketing, social media, social entrepreneur
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mildred You can make your website viral by sharing the link on many social media sites as possible. You can also ask the members of your family to talk about your website to their friends and share it. After getting more traffic, you can then offer to reward the ones who make your website get more views. Since everyone wants money, your website will go viral. A viral link is a link that is circulating on social media from one website to another. A viral post is a post that is making rounds on social media, is being shared by many people,has many likes,has most comments and probably appears on everyone's timeline around the globe. A viral post could be a post that requires you to like or comment or share it based on weather you support what is written on the post or not. Also, a viral link could be a link promising to reward you if you click it and refer it to your friends. Example www.empowr.com/milearn A post or a link can be made viral for a good or illegal gain.2017-07-14

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