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Let Us Learn Kiswahili - Tujifunze Kiswahili - Group Wall

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GrpID 8
Name Let Us Learn Kiswahili - Tujifunze Kiswahili
Type Academic
Description This groups is for anyone who'd like to learn how to read or speak Kiswahili.

Kiswahili (Swahili language) is a Bantu language and the mother tongue of the Swahili people
Admin Isaac Thuku
This group has 5 Members
Isaac Thuku, Micere , Barakat , Jamal , Joseph Githinji,

Member Posts

Isaac Thuku
Isaac Thuku
How good is your Swahili? Log on to our Kiswahili home page and learn some. We have multiple-choice questions that will help you learn basic words in Swahili. The more you advance the harder it gets and the more you learn.
Karibu sana..
Isaac Thuku
Water - maji cold - baridi cold water - maji baridi hot water - maji moto
Isaac Thuku
We start by saying Hello is Swahili.
Greeting 'Jambo'
Response 'Sijambo'

Alternate greetings and their responses:
Greeting 'Habari gani?
Response 'Njema'

Greeting 'Uhali gani?
Response 'Njema'

For younger people
Greeting 'Sasa'
Response 'Fiti sana'

Greeting 'Vipi?'
Response 'Poa sana'

A respectful greeting from a young person to an elder person
Greeting 'Salaam Aleikum' or 'Shikamoo'
Response 'Marahaba'

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