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Group IDNameTypeMembersDate Formed
1Tuwaze Online InvestorsBusiness112013-06-26
2Tuwaze NerdsTechnical42013-06-27
3Tuwaze Online FreelancersBusiness122013-07-10
4Tuwaze Freelance WritersWriters692013-07-10
5Tuwaze MembersSocial42013-07-10
6Tuwaze Jogging for Fitness CompanyFitness32013-08-05
7Tuwaze Car ClubPersonal22013-08-07
8Let Us Learn Kiswahili - Tujifunze KiswahiliAcademic52013-08-20
9Tuwaze TranslatorsBusiness42013-09-02
10Tuwaze Entrepreneur Meeting PointBusiness82014-01-06
11Generate business ideas and work as a teamBusiness22014-04-28
12Tuwaze Youtube ClubBusiness42014-09-10
13electrical salesOpen22017-07-21
14Project FundingBusiness02018-01-03
15music talented friendsOpen02018-07-19
16Zack Dangote FreelancersBusiness02018-10-22
17Employees cornerBusiness12018-11-14
18Affiliate MarketingBusiness12019-01-24
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