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Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear & Single Speed, Urban Road Bike with Flip Flop Hub Review

Have you been looking for a bike that is versatile to allow you enjoy riding in different styles while at the same time upholding on quality and durability? Well, you may have just found your solution with the Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear and Single Speed, Urban Road Bike with Flip Flop Hub. It is feature packed to enable you take on different terrains without compromising on your safety thanks to its reliable braking system.

Its features allow for use for both commuters as well as workouts for fitness objectives. Though it has great features as well as looks amazing, you will be glad to know that it is relatively affordable. It features as one of the best single speed bike reviews here that is worth your consideration.

Strong, Durable, yet Lightweight Structure

This bike features a steel frame that is not only strong but also lightweight. It also features a minimal frame and an overall simple design. This plays a great role in boosting the bikes efficiency as well as speed. It does not compromise on stability thanks to its high performance fork and machine Tig-welded. The handle makes riding easier as it makes it quick and easier to turn. This in turn helps you to easily control your bike to boost your experience.

Remarkable Flip-flop Hub

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can easily switch between the possible riding modes considering that it comes with a fixed gear and single speed. When you are in single speed, you can easily cruise whereas the fixed gear only allows you to move only when pedaling. In this, depending on your terrain, you can easily enjoy a smooth ride due to its versatility. Single speed is recommended for uphill whereas the fixed gear is ideal when you are looking to workout.

Outstanding Brake System

This bike features a superior braking system allowing you to speed up without the risk of getting off the road. You can come to a stop easily at any speed. This makes it safe. The breaking system requires little maintenance and as long as it remains functional, you can address any emergency. The calipers will last long so you will not have to constantly replace them even when using your bike frequently. When riding on fixed gear, t automatically stops as soon as you stop pedaling.

High-performance Wheels

This bike offers an outstanding riding experience with a great combination of wheels, tires, and tubes. This is reinforced with stable and durable rims. This combination also ensures that you enjoy a smooth ride even when you are undertaking rough terrains. Each wheel features 700x28cc tires and tubes boost your bike performance. You can also enjoy an agile ride thanks to its high traction and a low rolling resistance provided by the wheels and tires.


• It is easy and quick to assemble

• It is made from strong, sturdy, and durable material

• High performance yet lightweight

• Reliable superior brakes to address an emergency even in high speeds

• Easily togs between different riding modes

• Smooth and agile riding experience

• It is versatile allowing you to take on varying terrains


• It can be challenging when riding uphill. This is due to the included fixie so going up a hill will be difficult.


• Hi-Tensile steel frame with Fork-Machine Tig-welded for durability and strength

• Flip-flop hub to change between riding styles

• Large profile hubs for a smooth ride

• Superior frame geometry to boost efficiency

• Machine deep dish

• It weighs 26 lbs leaving it light in weight

• Adequately padded seat for comfort

• Easy to control and ideally placed handle

• It is 90% assembles after purchase (easy assembly)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need an expert to assemble it?

A. Assembly is easy and right about anyone can do it. The package comes complete with everything you need for assembly.

Q. Is this bike ideal for a beginner?

A. Yes it is. It has a straightforward setup and with the ability to switch between riding modes making it easy for a beginner who is still trying to discover their ideal riding styles.

Q. Does this bike come with some accessories?

A. No. It seeks to remain lightweight and for this reason does not come with any accessories. However, if you intend using a given accessory, you can purchase it separately and install it.

Final Verdict

The above Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear and Single Speed, Urban Road Bike with Flip Flop Hub review highlights the key features that make this bike stand out. It is strong, durable, agile, safe, as well as versatile. It is great even for beginners. Overall, it is great for use if you are looking to keep fit, commute or you are simply looking for a day-to-day bike, it will meet your objectives. Even with this, it remains affordable. It requires little maintenance. This bike should be of great consideration promising to deliver a comfortable riding experience in the long-term.

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Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear & Single Speed, Urban Road Bike with Flip Flop Hub Review
Have you been looking for a bike that is versatile to allow you enjoy riding in different styles while at the same time upholding on quality and durability? Well, you may have just found your solution

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