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Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket Iridium Sunglasses

If you have heard of fashion meeting sports, then definitely you know about the Oakley men’s flak jacket iridium sunglasses. These are all round sunglasses that can be worn in any given environment. The glasses are inclusive of a variety of features that enable them to perform their functions efficiently. Oakley offers diversity o the wearers as they can choose from a variety of different lenses to identify the ones that best satisfy their preferences. The iridium lenses included in the package are made of black iridium which consists of a mirror coating. This minimizes the amount of light reaching the eye. These glasses are useful to fashion sensitive people as well as functional to individuals who engage in sporting activities.


The Oakley sunglasses package comes with interchangeable lenses. This is to ensure that you get the best from any type of environment you are in.

The glasses allow the wearer to choose the noise piece that best fits them. This is to create a perfect fit for the glasses to prevent falling.

The frames of these sunglasses are curved to offer all round protection as well as optimal vision options.

The frames are also made from a material known as the O Matter. This is a material that offers durability to the glasses.

The sunglasses are light in weight to avoid the burden of wearing bulky glasses.

The lenses use high definition optics that offer clarity to the wearer. Images are sharp, clear and of high quality.

They have plutonite lenses that offer protection from the UV rays.

Pros and cons

They say experience is the best teacher. However, in this case we can tell you what you should expect from the Oakley men’s flak jacket iridium sunglasses. Below are some advantages and disadvantages you should be prepared for.


Comfort is the key word in describing this Oakley men’s sunglasses. The nose piece is made from unobtanium. This in conjunction with the ear socks give a comfortable feel when wearing the glasses.

These sunglasses uses high definition optics that enable the lenses to have a high level of clarity.

The Oakley sunglasses have a snug fit. This capability ensures that the glasses do not fall of during a workout session or at any other time.

These men’s sunglasses have a mirror coating that helps prevent the occurrence of a glare. The glasses are not prone to scratches. This is due to the use of a quality material known as the O Matter that make them durable.

The glasses offer UV protection.


The main disadvantage with the Oakley men’s flake jacket iridium sunglasses is the price at which they are purchased. Anyone willing to own these sunglasses must also be willing to part with a relatively large sum of money. In comparison to other products, this one is one of the costliest. The iridium lenses are black in color and allow only 10% access to light. This means that the use of these glasses requires a lot of light to maintain a clear vision. Thus, this pair of glasses can only be used under sunny conditions.


Oakley uses cutting edge technology to offer clarity and comfort to the wearers of the iridium sunglasses. These high performance glasses give the eyes protection from the UV rays. With the Oakley men’s iridium sunglasses you are assured of accuracy, security and extreme comfort.


The sunglasses are recommended to anyone who fancies wearing glasses. However, a special recommendation goes to individuals who participate in sports and athletics. These glasses offer protection from moving objects as well as the sun.
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Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket Iridium Sunglasses
If you have heard of fashion meeting sports, then definitely you know about the Oakley men’s flak jacket iridium sunglasses. These are all round sunglasses that can be worn in any given environment.

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