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Featured Entrepreneur tuwaze.com
Featured Entrepreneur tuwaze.com
Featured Entrepreneur tuwaze.com

Free Website Design and Cheap Hosting Services

Many Small and Medium Sized Enterprises as well as individuals have ideas/goods/services that they would like to market and sell through the Internet. The easiest way of doing this is having your own website that you control, design and most importantly, update regularly according to your relevant needs.

However, creating a brilliant website from scratch may prove to be both tiring and time consuming. Basic HTML knowledge is required and therefore the people who are not tech savvy may be left out. Websites also require hosting on the web and you may not know where to find the service(s).

I recently discovered a website that offers free web design, cheap web hosting and free domain registration. It is definitely worth you checking it out if you are reading this article.


A wide range of web services are offered on the website. These include:

• Free Website Design

This comes with tools to make your website credible and functional. These are 1 template for you to use, 5 web pages for your website, 1 member registration form as well as a login form, 1 contact form. Member authentication and registration is achieved by a MySQL Database table. All forms on these web pages are processed through PHP scripts.

• 1 Year Free Domain Registration

The domain is free for the first year, after which renewal is required for subsequent years. The domains that can be used are .com .biz .net .info .us .org

All DNS changes necessary to make your website functional are made by the Free Web Slice and they set up a CPanel hosting service for you. All you need to run your website is an email.

• 1 year Website and Email Hosting

A fully functional website definitely needs working space. Therefore, you are assigned a 1GB Disk Space, 10GB Bandwidth per month, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited MySQL Databases, SSL secure email, PHP version 5.3.x, MySQL version 5.5.x. The downside is that these are not free. They are a subscription based service package that costs $4 per month.

• Value Added Website Services

Depending on your needs, you may want your website to have different things. For example, Search Engine Optimization as well as an E-commerce capability. They also provide other features such as web content writing, additional web pages, database tables and a back-end user admin/ sales reports.These services are all relatively affordable and highly useful for a website owner.


The best things about this free web hosting website are:

• Free web design
• Free domain registration
• Cheap web hosting after 1 free year
• Use of templates to easily build your website
• Security is ensured
• Quick and professional customer care
• Professional assessment and recommendations for your website
• Quick start up of your website once you place your order


The downside of the website include:

• They have only 5 templates on the site to choose from but you can bring your own from another source
• Very few domains to use (you can't use a personalized domain)
• Mailing lists are not supported and as such a mail limit exists
• Limited hosing space if you have a website with a lot of content


I bet you have been impressed by these services as much as I have. The website offering this is called Free Web Slice. Though the thought of only having to choose between 5 templates from which to build my website springs to mind often, the rest of the services are undoubtedly good value and in the long run you will have a good website/ blog. It is definitely something I would recommend. Have a look at the Free web slice Web Design and Hosting service and you may very well start building your own website immediately.
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Look no further. At Tuwaze.com we have built a team of highly experienced writers.

They will thoroughly research, write and deliver all your web content on time.

Our pricing is very reasonable and will make sure you get exactly what you want, when you want it, the way you want it.

We offer revisions if there is a part of the article you feel was not addressed as you'd like.

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Doers Only Allowed. We Rehabilitate Procrastinators too.

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Free Website Design and Cheap Hosting Services
Many Small and Medium Sized Enterprises as well as individuals have ideas/goods/services that they would like to market and sell through the Internet. The easiest way of doing this is having your own

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